2017 Ugly Duckling Challenge

The Ugly Duckling Challenge is a great opportunity to stretch your imagination and practice your skills at quilting for a nominal price! Starting on December 12th at the Friends in Stitches Christmas party, you will be able to purchase your Ugly Duckling package. In your package, you will receive 4 yards of fabric; one fabric … Read more

Easy Ribbon Dispenser

I read about these gum container upcycle ideas (http://www.lifeaspire.com/6481/brilliantly-easy-gum-and-mint-container-upcycle-ideas/).  As much as I love these ideas (and might try a few), I had an even better idea – to use one as a ribbon dispenser.   I’ve been looking for a way to easily store and dispense ribbon lengths (pre-cut and leftover ribbons).  I usually store … Read more

Holiday & Seasonal Themes

Here at “Friends in Stitches”, I offer a wide variety of holiday themed fabrics plus quilt projects and kits.  From Christmas stockings to Valentine table runners and from Easter place mats to snowmen wall hangings, you’ll find lots of ways to decorate your home and create gifts for every holiday and season throughout the year.

Beginning Quilter’s “Trio of Tools”

New to Quilting?  Every new Quilter needs a few essentials and this trio of tools is the perfect way to get started.

The “Trio” includes the following basic quilting tools:

  • A 6×18 quilting rectangle for measuring & cutting straight edges and angles. 
  • A rotary blade cutter – it’s the only way to cut fabric efficiently and effectively.
  • A scissors keeper:  Keep your mini cutting scissors handy by pinning them to your blouse.  You’ll wonder how you ever made due without it.

The “Trio of Tools” can be found in our store as well as the individual items found in the Trio.  Happy Quilting!