Easy Ribbon Dispenser

I read about these gum container upcycle ideas (http://www.lifeaspire.com/6481/brilliantly-easy-gum-and-mint-container-upcycle-ideas/).  As much as I love these ideas (and might try a few), I had an even better idea – to use one as a ribbon dispenser.  

I’ve been looking for a way to easily store and dispense ribbon lengths (pre-cut and leftover ribbons).  I usually store a bunch of them all jumbled up in snack size zip-lock bag.  The snack bag isn’t bad for storage, but was awful for dispensing ribbon for a project.  I needed a better way and the gum container seemed like a perfect solution.

Any gum container with a snap-shut lid works great for this project.  I remove the label from the container (use a little rubbing alcohol to remove any sticky residue).  Then roll up a length of ribbon and place it in the container.  Thread one end through the “dispenser” opening.  I can now pull out the amount I need for my project and the rest stays neatly in the container.  Several small lengths of ribbon can be stored in the same container as long as they are rolled separately.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this idea!!  I’m so glad I stumbled upon the gum container upcycle page!

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