2017 Ugly Duckling Challenge

The Ugly Duckling Challenge is a great opportunity to stretch your imagination and practice your skills at quilting for a nominal price!

Starting on December 12th at the Friends in Stitches Christmas party, you will be able to purchase your Ugly Duckling package. In your package, you will receive 4 yards of fabric; one fabric you have seen and the other three are a total surprise! We have attempted to match all four fabrics in a pleasing way with the fabric selections we have. You will use these four fabrics (plus any others of your choosing) to create a quilt using any pattern you desire.

We suggest you take your time thinking about the best-suited pattern for your fabric.  Also, consider a pattern that is at your skill level. Sometimes the easiest is the best!

You will have one year to complete your project, including quilting and binding and we will show them at next year’s Christmas party.

Here are the rules that you need to follow for our challenge:

  1. You must use 70% of ALL of the fabrics in your challenge kit. This is about 2 7/8ths yards out of 4 yards.
  2. All of the challenge fabric must be used in the top of the quilt.
  3. You may use other fabrics to pull your challenge fabrics together.
  4. The minimum quilt size is 65″ x 70″ and the maximum quilt size is 100″ x 100″.
  5. The quilt must be pieced, quilted, and bound by next year’s Christmas party.

Good luck, be creative and have fun with this challenge. You will find that even the ugliest of ducklings will turn out to be beautiful swans!

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